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  connecting the dots


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Link to the Service August 1, 2021


Sermon Series: Connecting the Dots

Sermon Title: Timing is Everything

Scripture:  Genesis 41:8-16





92: For the Beauty of the Earth

Praise: 92: For the Beauty of the Earth

Preparation: 562: Jesus, Lord, We Look to Thee (v 1-5)

Response: 410: I Want a Principle Within


410: I Want a Principle Within


Connecting the Dots 

Week # 4 – School starts. 

Thursday was the first day of school for Brie. I took her picture before she went to the bus stop and was not able to get the same smile out of her as we did for a roller coaster ride at Kings Island. Truth be told, school is not Brie’s favorite. At breakfast she was clear that she was excited to see her friends, but not excited to be back at school. She repeated herself a few times throughout the morning.  

While it’s not hard to guess what she thinks about school, as a parent I was trying to figure out something else that was much more subtle. She packed her lunch with fruit, granola bars, cheese crackers and something to drink. I noticed that she didn’t pack a sandwich and asked her about it. At first, she said she didn’t need it, but I knew there were more dots to connect. So later, while watching the Olympics and having a snack, I asked her about it one more time. I just knew she didn’t pack enough to eat. This time she answered and the dots all connected. She didn’t want the bread getting stuck in her braces, especially now that she isn’t wearing a mask at school! Now we are back to the drawing board on her school lunches to make sure she has enough, and that what she has doesn’t all get stuck in her braces!  

Don’t think of connecting the dots as only consisting of life changing events. Daily we find ourselves connecting the dots. It requires a level of empathy and compassion that helps us be curious and conversational rather than closed and defining. It’s great practice for those times that will require much more.  

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If you would like to share a prayer request, or a thanksgiving, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  so we can lift you up during our online service.

Pastor Kevin

Kevin Davis
Pastor Broadripple UMC
Director of Visitation 
St. Luke's UMC
317-846-3404 ext.326 
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We are open for inhouse church but
WILL continue mandatory social distancing and mask requirements for those who have not been vaccinated at this time.

We will keep you updated when we make adjustments to these precautions.


Bishop Trimble

A Poem: Vaccinations Save Lives

What if I wrote a poem about COVID-19?

Just for the sake of saving lives

Or maybe I need to share just to share

Or maybe I am living in my own world

Or maybe this is not really a poem.

I think I understand some things

Like freedom of speech and choice

And Children Matter Most.

I don’t understand misinformation

Or misery loves company

Or elephants in a room or why

We can’t all work together

Saving lives instead of fighting lies.

What if I wrote a poem?

And nobody read it, or millions did

I would share from my heart

And share from my head

The truth I believe that lives can be saved

Today and tonight across the globe

And in my neck of the woods

Variants versus vaccines

Life over death weeping or rejoicing

But my prayers will continue

Lord, Have Mercy

Debate is not helping

As the hospitals fill again

Some can't and some will not

While millions are waiting

To get vaccinated.

What if I wrote a poem, and

The poem became a prayer and

The prayer became a song and we

Exhaled with excitement as the dark

Night turned to dawn and the

Pandemic was defeated and

We breathed a sigh of relief.

Vaccinations save lives!

This is our season
"We didn't choose this season, but this is OUR season!"

In this video, Bishop Trimble shares some encouraging words about dealing with these strange and confusing times. We did not choose this season, but we can choose how we navigate through it.

"Be encouraged!"  FaceBook Link to the video


Julius C. Trimble

Resident United Methodist Bishop of the Indiana Area




Last Month our church Parsonage experienced a major sewer problem. After an assessment from a plumber, it was determined that the entire sewer line from the house to the main sewer line had caved in all the way to the main line to the street and needed to be replaced. This resulted in a nearly $30,000 invoice for the work to be done. We were able to cover this debt with a Loan from the United Methodist Foundation. We set the loan to be paid for over the next 10 years. I would like to see that paid off much sooner if possible. We would love to have your help in making this possible. If you can help with donations, please add a gift with your contributions labeled Capital Improvements and we can reach the end of the sewer line goal.


Cathy and the Finance Team


Your contributions to the church are always a blessing. Please drop your offering in the mail slot on the front door, in the office or mail to 6185 Guilford Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220. You can also check with your bank about auto-pay alternatives.  

A Pay Pal account has been established and can currently be used for Broad Ripple UMC contributions. Click on the Donate button in the right hand column of this newsletter to contribute now. 


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Join us in Broad Ripple on the third Thursday of the month, July to November of 2021, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. for the Broad Ripple Art Walk ! 

If you haven't signed up for this month, we will host the Art Walk each Third Thursday of the month from July through November. It's free to participate for all BRVA members (Not a member yet? It's easy to join!). We'll provide you yard signs, posters, and other promotional materials. 

Your Art Walk feature can be art, music, or any other artistic activity or display. Need help finding an artist? Let us know! 

Each month, we prepare a map of the Art Walk locations, which we will post on our web site and social media, and will share with you electronically. We will post banners in several Broad Ripple locations and distribute posters and yard signs promoting the Art Walk. We will also promote the Art Walk through the BRVA's social media, web site, and e-newsletter, as well as on the Garden Sign at College Ave and Broad Ripple Ave several times throughout the season. 

The goal of the Art Walk is to share all the artistic and musical offerings of Broad Ripple while increasing foot traffic for our businesses. Help us continue Broad Ripple's reputation for arts and music! To sign up, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


 br farmers marketWe are now OUTDOORS at our NEW LOCATION!

Second Presbyterian Church
North Parking Lot
7700 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46260

The Broad Ripple Farmers Market (BRFM) is committed to supporting locally grown and produced foods. The Market brings the greater Broad Ripple community the very best and freshest of each season. The Market is an event of the Broad Ripple Village Association (BRVA) and proceeds support development and beautification projects in the Village.


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